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ADULTS.. please join us to support our own Donna Blais and her hard work on this event #DoitforDonna
Register now.. food from Whisky Park 🙂
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Good evening scouts and scout parental units.. here’s a recap of tonight

Flywheelers this Friday
•Feb 23-24
•5pm Super Target (Immokolee rd)
•Return 5pmish Saturday Firestation
•Cost: $10. (Gas$)
•Eat before you come Friday pls
•Bring $ for breakfast and lunch Saturday at event (20$ish)
•Pack light! Try and share tents
•Bring extra $ for “stuff” (see SM Beatty’s previous email)
Signed up to go ...
•DeAnna Bickford (AIC)
•Robert Fritz (ASM)
•Paul Benson (parent)

•Eli Bick
•Lucca DeMarco
•Matthew G
•Lucas N
•Charlie A

We still have room and another driver. So if you forgot to sign up or have decided you want to go just shoot me a text and let me know because we have room.
DeAnna (239) 777-6096

Next weeks meeting
•February 28
•Golden gate pool
•Swim test for
Sea Base/Canoeing/Summer Camp/Northern Tier
(Youth and Adults) If You’re going on any of these trips you need to have this swim test done and it’s good for a year. We will also be working on some other things that work together with this under “aquatics” in ranks
•Swim Suit and class B.

Swamp ape research facility •canoe trip
•March 9-11
•Cost estimate $25
This will be great fun! Sign ups open now!!

Troop 2001 Summer Camp “Tour de Fierce” trip.
•June 14-24
Pls get your deposits in ($50) for the summer camp trip of a life time (or atleast 2018) join us as depart for 10 days of •Sleeping on an aircraft carrier and the “shadows of the ship” tour.. then •walk around a forest and enjoy the amenities of Beautiful •BSA Camp Durante.. and there’s something for everyone .. Including a High Adventure program for older scouts at THE Summit Betchel ...You won’t want to miss this trip 🙂
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Important details for this weekend’s trip to Flywheelers.

We currently only have available drivers to permit 20 scouts to attend. So, at the meeting this week, there will be a sign up sheet that is first-come, first-served. Unless we get additional adults to agree to drive, we cannot accommodate any more.

What is Flywheelers? It is a fleamarket/Antiques Roadshow/Tractor show mash-up. There is a lot to see, lots to buy, and lots to learn. Last year, I could have watched the log cutting demonstration all day, as they took tree trunks and cut them into boards using only the technology available in the early-20th century.


Scouts should meet at the usual SuperTarget lot by 5 pm. Eat dinner before arriving.

Scouts need only bring scouting essentials for a short overnight trip (i.e., sleeping bag, clothes, toiletries, tent, etc). This is a low-key trip. No meal prep needed. Scouts should find a buddy to tent with (and make sure the scouts know which one is bringing the tent).

Cost of trip is $10, which covers gas for the drivers. Scouts need to also bring money for breakfast and lunch Saturday. Anticipate $20 for food, unless your scout eats a lot. Also, scouts should bring as much money as mom/dad want to provide for buying knick-knacks, chotchkies, gifts, snacks, etc. Also, if you intend on buying anything with a blade, you must have a totin chip and a letter from your parent, given to either Mr. Fritz or Mrs. Bickford, allowing you to purchase. Those items will need to be given to the adult chaperones to carry/hold until our return to Naples. Under no circumstances will live animals be allowed to be purchased or brought back by a scout (this includes, but is not limited to, snakes, lizards, chickens, ducks, kittens, puppies, goats, goldfish, turtles, hermit crabs, pigs, parakeets, canaries, cockatiels and toucans).

SM Scott A. Beatty

(This was sent out earlier today in an email on troop track if you didn’t get it please let us know tomorrow so we can make sure you get all the information you should)

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Congratulations to Garrett "Gibby" Arsenault, the newest Eagle Scout for Troop 2001. ... See MoreSee Less

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They did it! 2018 NYLT is complete!!! ... See MoreSee Less

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